martes, agosto 01, 2006

My unhealthy obsession with the MTA continues......

Remember July 26th 2006. If you live in NYC, you'll need to remember that on that date, the MTA claimed a very large surplus, thereby postponing a fare hike that would have taken effect in January '07 (thanks for letting us know, criminals)until September '07. If you have experience with the MTA, you will know that the organization will deny any surplus come October or so, and it will be important to remember 26 July 2006 so you can throw that back at them. Meanwhile, the Port Authority has approved a $1 billion plan for a tunnel under the Hudson so Jersey folk will have an easier commute to infringe upon our territory. Can we say PRIORITIES...FUCKED...UP?

In other transit news, the N train has been voted worst on the line for the third year in a row. Hah! Where was the Straphanger's campaign when I was living in Astoria 6 and 7 years ago? The W was still only a dream, so we had nothing if not for the God-forsaken N, which by the way didn't run at all most weekends until I moved to Washington Heights. That train was so unreliable, I made up an N train dance, kind of like a rain dance. I only make up these dances for trains that hardly ever come, and 9 times out of 10, the dances work like a charm. I made one up for the A train too, but I had to perform it a lot less than the N. So if the N is the worst, I shudder to think what they are saying about the 7, the reject line, which gets all the old cars once Manhattan lines are through with them. Sloppy seconds.

The latest....there is raw sewage festering on the rail paths on the G line. The MTA won't clean it up because the leak is from a sewage system, not that they really do anything at the G train stations anyway, and the sanitation folks aren't stepping up to do it either saying that it's an MTA problem because it's on their property. How mature they all are. But one thing that does bring a sneaky little smile to my face is that the G runs through all the cutesey parts of Brooklyn, like Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Fort Greene. Shit happens, folks.