lunes, enero 30, 2012

Twelve Arrested in OWS New York March

I'm still on the fence about the OWS movement. That Nate Kleinman from Philadelphia will run for Congress gives me some hope. But I'm adamant about supporting the protesters' right to do what they are doing without being bothered by police.

Twelve Arrested in OWS New York March

sábado, enero 28, 2012

Three New York city cultural institutions closing soon

I used to buy my vinyl at Bleecker Bob's, and Holiday and Southpaw were on my to-do list. It seems I waited too long.

Usually, when you hear of neighborhood's changing or of new buildings going up, it's welcome news. In New York City, it isn't anymore. If a Starbuck's or other chain of significance comes to a neighborhood, it is met with a groan.

miércoles, enero 25, 2012

Trying something different this year

On this, the 2nd anniversary of daddy's death, 2 years and 2 days since I last saw him, and 2 years 25 days since I last spoke to him, I am trying something different.

Last year on this day, I took off from work.  I wasn't sure whether I would be a wreck or not.  I was.  I went to mass, then promptly returned to my darkened bedroom with a bottle of scotch.  I did cry a little.  And I drank almost the whole bottle of scotch.  I kind of made sure I would be a wreck.  They say you can call things to you.  I realized soon after that day that it's true.  If you plan out a day to be miserable, God's gonna make sure you're miserable.

This year, I am at work.  In fact, I am "working" as I write this.  I'm going to a waxing appointment after work and then home to dinner with a loved one.  I have stopped calling him.  Yeah, business as usual.  Daddy would've wanted me to "quit dawdling" and stop whining and get with the program, so here you go, dad.

I bet he is having a steak dinner with a bloody Mary while watching a tango show.  I would love to join him.

I haven't eaten a good piece of red meat in months.

"Why in the hell would you do that to yourself???"

I don't know, daddy.  I don't know.

Connecticut Mayor Seeks to Help Latinos by Eating Tacos?

This really happened. In 2012. In the United States.

>>smacks forehead<<

martes, enero 24, 2012

Philadelphia's Nate Kleinman First OWS Congressional Candidate

Could Nate be OWS's congressional mole? Whatever happens, I am very glad to see that someone in the movement is stepping up to foment real change from the inside.

domingo, enero 15, 2012

Otto Perez Molina: Guatemala inaugurates a new president

Guatemala deserves a fair chance at a better country, safe and secure for its citizens. Let's hope for the best.

miércoles, enero 11, 2012

Bloomberg nixes idea to limit alcohol sales

Thank God! This man must be stopped. The public's health, or lack thereof, is not for the government to regulate just because parents stopped doing their jobs with their kids.