miércoles, febrero 29, 2012

Occupy London movement part of the story of a city

Occupy London may have gotten evicted from their main camp at St. Paul's cathedral, but they will be remembered. No matter what we think of these Occupy movements (and it's not like me to keep my opinion to myself), they have made history and deserve to be commemorated.

Beatles Childhood Homes Are UK National Treasures

As usual, the UK beats the hell out of us, in both fabulous chocolate and music appreciation.

lunes, febrero 27, 2012

White House Funds Muslim Surveillance Programs

When I saw Road to Guantanamo, I was horrified to learn what my money helps fund. Sad to see nothing has changed.

miércoles, febrero 22, 2012

Republican Governor's Hairstylist Refuses Client

Isn't it a rule of thumb that you do not mess with your hairdresser? Where would we be without gay folks?

jueves, febrero 02, 2012

Do Conservatives and Racists Suffer from Lower I.Q.'s?

In moments of outrage, I would tend to say YES. But let's be fair: William F. Buckley and Ann Coulter. Both conservatives. The former, quite intelligent, admirable and rational. The latter, batshit crazy stupid. Discuss.....

Do Conservatives and Racists Suffer from Lower I.Q.'s?