martes, agosto 31, 2004

The Elephants Hit Me Where it Hurts

As if Madison Square Garden, and really, the whole of Midtown west, weren't enough, the Repubs have decided to have themselves a big ole party in the lobby of the Chrysler Building. On the fifth floor, you can find me writing this little gem of a rant on my office's computer. This means that I can expect fat and frigid rich men and women blocking my way as I try to escape my office unscathed this afternoon. There have been many feats of construction and cop-and-bomb-sniffing-dog placement going on today, the greatest of those feats being a Bush pruned into the shape of an elephant, and every other decoration short of fucking ice sculptures. But can't you imagine how appropriate it would be to have the Repubs greeted by icy elephants? I'm getting a mental picture and I can hardly keep my laughter down! I do have to hand it to this city..they really know how to throw a party. And Bloomberg, what a gracious host., re-routing his charges and pressing his luck. He even told the Repubs how NYC has now "recovered completely" from 9/11, and how grateful he is to Bush for "believing" in our fair city. Let's hope he doesn't get trampled by the stampede and makes it out alive so we can put him out of business next election.

My friend, Just Jess, says that she is leaving at 5 on the dot so as to prevent getting BLOWN UP. I'm leaving at 5 pm too, but only because I am impatient and it's a nice day out.

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