miércoles, marzo 23, 2005

My Take on the Schiavo-fiasco

First, let me say that the Schiavo case is one that's very personal for me. As for life support, been there, got my last rites, and miraculously came out of it. My injury was somewhat different to hers, as mine did not involve my heart, but did involve my brain, and had my doctors operated on my head 5 minutes later than they did, I would have been in Terri's boat or dead. Now, would I have wanted Reagan, who was president at the time, to decide my fate? Absolutely not. The mere thought of Reagan deciding anything is just frightening. Even if the president or the governor of my state were, say, Clinton, the answer would still be absolutely not. Why? Medicine is not a playing field for nasty politicians, who by the way appoint the very judges who have ordered the feeding tube removed, just so they can then turn around and try to look like God by questioning their morality. Niether is life or the right to end it.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that most conservative polticians, not to mention her own fucking parents who are supposed to be at least somewhat interested in HER wishes, have already trampled all over whatever dignity Mrs. Schiavo was left with, so her right to die with that dignity is not the issue anymore. The issue is solely this: if she were taken off all that machinery, would she be able to live a fulfilling life? The answer is no. I know this because of what I know about the injury, and we all know this because the court-appointed doctors, and the other doctors, have all said so. The only ones who seem to be deaf to this are the Bush boys and the parents.

I don't know of anyone who would want to be kept alive in the condition that Mrs. Schiavo is in. You would have to be crazy to want otherwise. Please, just let her go. That's what she wanted, and whatever state she is in, she is still a human being, and as such, her wishes need to be respected.

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