jueves, abril 07, 2005

Too Much, Too Many People - A Rant

This morning, I dragged my ass out of bed at 8 am so I could get to work by 9:30am. I am technically 15 minutes by subway to work, but I have to get to the station early because on the 7 line, since the inhabitants of Queens are mostly lower-income and/or immigrants, the MTA has basically told us to fuck off, and everyday the 7 has problems, just when people need to get to work. But inconvenience is the MTA's trademark, so how could I have the audacity to expect more from them? Anyway, I come into the office, and I have this little system going so the "adults" who work here and don't know what respect or the honor system are, don't start taking country files and their contents all willy-nilly. Sounds pretty stupid right? (Don't even get me started on how much of my job is just humiliating. I hate to use the phrase "it is beneath me," but fuck it, certain parts of my job are BENEATH ME, and make me wonder why my parents and I spent so much fucking money on a good college so I could come to the UN and be an administrative ASSistant. On top of everything, the official title for any administrative job at my "salary grade" is "clerk." How humiliating is that? Thank God for the people who take me seriously and give me real work requiring brain power). Well, I have to keep these fucking files under lock and key, because like I said, I work with a bunch of Satanspawn BABIES and I knew one day I'd get hell for my system from a certain person who just wants everything to be easy for him and the hell with everyone else. And this morning I got it. Way louder than my own parents have ever yelled at me, and in public, bien sur, of course. Even while my mother was whooping my ass with a belt, she never screamed so fucking loud. So, the hell with the fucking files. I'm not going to keep them locked, and the offending son of a fucking pile of shit from an Egyptian camel can do what he wants with them and then answer to the Committee when an important document goes missing. Files are not my life, and I don't give a fuck. Stupid me for caring about my work. Certainly not enough to be yelled at for my good fucking intentions. He and the other people in my office who think they can treat others like shit can stand in line and wait to kiss my big, brown ass, and then go straight to hell and fuck themselves. It's enough I have to come here in the morning just to wipe the fucking drool from these fuckers' faces.

Thanks for listening, and y'all enjoy your day.

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Chris dijo...

Love the rant lol

And I know what ya mean about everything too...people ask me where I went to school and what I majored in....after I answer that, I guess the next logical question is what I am doing now....which has nothing to do with what I studied, not even remotely

I guess someone needs to help the homeless

The Humanity Critic dijo...

I enjoyed the rant as well, amen.