martes, junio 14, 2005

Michael Jackson

I'm not going to even get into what I thought of the verdict. Let's just say that my faith in the American justice system was never strong to begin with. The OJ case came along and my faith began to dwindle pretty quickly. After the Bush fiasco, I started to question the sound minds of certain judges. As of yesterday, it is pretty much nil.

According to the AP, "Michael Jackson's Web site trumpeted his courtroom vindication Tuesday, linking it with such historic events as the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., while his lawyer vowed his client wouldn't be sharing his bed with boys anymore." Can you imagine? Come to think of it, my faith in the press has also been failing and is now nil as well. What a dumb-ass statement to make. Wacko Jacko (or website guy) indeed.

As for the promise that Jackson will stop sharing his bed with little boys (note that it's never been about little girls), gee, you think it will help? I also read in Metro (a small, morning newspaper in NYC) that Jackson says that his preference for kids is because "adults have let me down." Yeah, adults have let me down too, but there is such a thing as decorum, especially for a very widely-known pop star known for his eccentricities. Mike, you might want to pay attention to this, or else you might as well get used to the courtroom.

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Amadeo dijo...

To quote myself...Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson are screwed up and all I'm left with is Mike Jones...kill me now.