martes, diciembre 06, 2005

NYCLU fails to save credibility of constitution

The other day, the results of the subway search case brought by the NYCLU came out. The judge on the case, whoever the asshole was, chose instead to side with the Bushies and help destroy the Constitution by declaring the searches legal.

Apparently, the City argued that the searches were necessary for the safety of all subway riders, and why should one group of people ruin safety for everyone. When the searches were first imposed as a way to check for terrorists running amok, they seemed reasonable enough. But when the cops started searching people for ALL illegal things, none of which have been found so far, by the by, that only made the searches ways to get around getting a search warrant or reading arrestees their rights which, as you all know, is the way things USED TO go around here. And until they rewrite the law to say that it's cool to trample the Constitution, which to my knowledge they haven't done yet, the searches are illegal.

The NYCLU has vowed to appeal, but you will forgive me if I have almost completely lost hope for this country, not to mention all faith in the legal system. The one hope I have left is that Bush and his bots have fucked things up so royally for the Republican party, so maybe we won't have to put up with a Repub in the White House for at least a few years to come.

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Amadeo dijo...

That sucks pretty bad I have nothing else to say about that.