martes, junio 27, 2006

Ghana vs. People with Nothing Better to Do

In past years, I have avoided World Cup madness like the plague. This year, I gave in, because the games are on all three TV's in my office, and the mild-mannered legal officers I work with have morphed into wild and crazy trash-talking beasts. So it's either join them or actually do a full day's work. Let me just say here how glad I am that it was Ghana that threw the US team clear off the field and made them eat shit. That was almost as great as if it had been Guatemala's soccer team. I'm so sorry to see that Ghana lost to Brazil today, but at least it was Brazil and not UK, with their lovely little pitches and cleats. Remember that most of the soccer players from Africa and Latin America learned to play barefoot in the dirt. It's only fair that one of those teams should win. This be my thinking.

I just read an article in the New York Times (select, so I can't link it - sorry) about a player on Ghana's soccer team, Mr. Painstill, who at one point in the tournament waved an Israeli flag to pay homage to his Israeli supporters. The reporter said, basically, that Mr. Painstill has the right to do whatever he wants, and I agree. Of course, it turned into this big political issue and Painstill lost a lot of supporters, but he did gain some new ones, so I doubt he's at all worried about this. I thought it was good of Painstill to acknowledge those who support him. However, in today's over-reactionary climate in which people with far too much time on their hands pass judgement on someone because of the country he pledges allegiance to, the color of his skin, and his RELIGION, etc., etc., Mr. Painstill probably should have kept his appreciation to himself. I found his action to be a nice protest against those very people.

Someone made a comment on the article saying that there this huge amount of Anti-Israel propaganda going on in the world today. While it's true that Israel has probably lost some supporters since Sharon started bombing kids, WHERE is this anti-Israel propaganda that's said to be so rampant? Maybe it is where I live, but I see many people have a lot of unwavering support for Israel. I won't say that I necessarily support Israel's actions of late and I do have some other questions, but I very much condemn the retaliatory actions on the part of some Arabs. It is disgusting of them to take these actions upon Israelis, especially since Israel was created by the UN and Britain, and the rug was simply pulled out from under the Arabs who were on that land. The fact that most Israelis are Jewish should not provide any justification for their murderous acts. I feel that both peoples are in the wrong simply because neither is about to take the high road and prefer to languish in perpetual conflict. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, plain and simple.

And now for the obligatory disclaimer: Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but this is only one Mariposa's opinion. Now please do leave me a comment if you have something to say.

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Andrea dijo...

About the players that "learned to play barefoot in the dirt" You can say that only of the South American and of course the African teams and of course they should win. I was watching a TV show last night (one of many 'bout the World Cup) and there was this clip about the goalkeeper from Palestine, and he was talking about his role not only in the team itself but as some kind of a role model or just someone that gives hope to the people that are suffering so much in those countries.... it was very emotional. I don't want to still more space or time . Thanks and please forgive me for the bad English