domingo, julio 02, 2006

New cinematic triumph!!!!

Yes, Hollywood has sunk to a new low.

Tonight I went to the movies with my mom to see the fluffy Devil Wears Prada. It was enjoyable enough, even worth, dare I say, the $11 ticket. Meryl Streep is always a fine actress, and I could not help but to be reminded of my old boss in publishing. We did not publish anything at all glamorous, but she was a prima-donna anyway and I proceeded to quit after two months of putting up with her crap. I am far from a patient person.

Anyway, we saw a preview of the new 9-11 movie, whose name I do not recall as I was busy wincing at the screen. I do remember that Nick Cage is in it because he looks a hell of a lot better than your usual NYC policeman. Is it just me, or is making a movie out of a tragedy that killed 3,000 people utterly tasteless and tacky? My mother of course thinks that the movie is absolutely necessary as people have apparently forgotten that terrorists exist, a response which I knew I was going to get since I am not all gung-ho about the war, and I acknowledge fault here for not keeping my mouth shut when I know very well how she will respond when the issue at hand has anything remotely to do with politics today. I think it was bad enough that the government got their 9-11 ass tattoos and made a mess in the Middle East insisting that it was payback time or some such shit and invoking the names of the families affected by 9-11 as justification when God only knows if those families were at all in support of their efforts, and it turned out that most were not.

I guess people in the suburbs of Washington are not really going to understand what it is to see a reenactment of a real life tragedy with people dying and buildings falling on a movie screen until it happens in their backyard. After all, it was NYC and we New Yorkers probably deserve to drop dead in their eyes anyway (how dare we come and criticize their horrible fashion sense). It also saddens me that my mother cannot see the tackiness of the movie given that she was with me in NYC on 9-11. Maybe it is just me, and I am just over-reacting because I will have a lot of time on my hands this week as I am on vacation. But one thing is for damn sure, I am certainly not going to pay to see that movie in the theatre, as I have seen it enough times on the 11 o clock news, PBS, etc., etc., and I do not need any reminding, thanks very much.

Editors note: This movie now has it's own MTV special. I hope that anyone who couldn't understand my distaste for this cinematic effort now gets it.

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