miércoles, septiembre 19, 2012

The WordPress Experiment

So I've been told by various folks, WordPress is among the best of the free blogging tools.  I'm not too clear on why that is, but I gather that it is a more "grown-up" blogging tool, more organized, more direct.  it could be that people take blogs on WordPress more seriously than those on Blogger.  I figure as much, because mention of Blogger in the content and web design workshops/seminars I've been attending lately is met with a frown, or at least an "oh, you're a beginner, right?" kind of look.

I'm experimenting with WordPress, and I'd be honored if you would visit, take a look, praise, hate, let me know how it feels, tell a friend, etc.

WordPress pros, so far: 

1.  Easy tagging and assigning categories.  
2.  Easy sharing (here's where I'm confused.  On my food blog, there are share options on the lower left hand corner of every blog post, Google+ being the most prominent (Blogger is a Google kid).  On this blog, however, the share options are on the upper left hand corner of the main page.  If you share from there, it will share the whole site as opposed to one post.  If you want to share the post only, you must click on the post title first.)
3.  Template is nice enough - it's more organized.  
4.  Best for long form blogs as opposed to photography or Pinterest-type blogs.
5.  Useful widgets.

The con:
1. Many templates cost $60-$100, and the free ones can only be customized to a small extent.  If you want to change fonts, that'll cost you, too.

I like to be able to play around with fonts and pictures and I can spend an awful lot of time on this.  WordPress will, most likely, force me to concentrate on content, which is not such a bad idea at this point.

Again, I'd love it if you'd visit and let me know what you think.  Any ideas on WordPress vs. other blogging tools would also be much appreciated.

Thanks, loves!!!

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swandad dijo...

I'm toying with the idea of switching over to Wordpress too; however, I'm hesitant for the same reasons/concerns that you're going through right now. So maybe I'll wait and see how you fare with it before I dive in with both feet! Keep us posted!