jueves, septiembre 02, 2004

Kobe's rape case dropped


Notice that the case was dropped because the "victim" didn't want to testify. I guess she was sore about her medical records and her name being released. Boo-hoo. Cry me a river! Isn't a legal battle supposed to be completely intrusive? I know it is for sure, as I've been involved in a court case (not rape, thank God). If the rape happened the way she says it did, wouldn't she want to stick it to Kobe? Also, if she was planning to rip Kobe off from the beginning, which she most clearly was, wouldn't she think twice about fucking even one guy before she was medically examined? What a dumb-ass. And thanks to you, lady, for taking us girls back a huge step in our perpetual struggle to be taken seriously.

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The Humanity Critic dijo...

I definitely agree. The case looked flimsy from the start. I mean, who has sex after a rape?? I know it's possible but it just looks suspect. Just my random thoughts.. Take care..