miércoles, septiembre 01, 2004

Those clever Canucks

I read or heard somewhere over the weekend that Canada has been up to no good again. This time, they are producing this superdupermega-bud called the "B. C. Bud", straight from, duh, British Columbia. This is exported into the US, mainly by drug mules who go through border crossings which are not heavily patrolled (there are many in the northwest). These people slip pounds of the stuff into their backpacks, bypass the mounties and the INS, and boom they make thousands and thousands of dollars.

Politicians are once again up in arms about this latest development. First, it's bacon that really isn't bacon at all, then Celine and Shania Twain, and now this? What WILL those Canucks come up with next to further drive our painfully capitalist society into the ground?

Well, I don't know about y'all, but Seattle is looking like a mighty fine vacation spot these days!

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