viernes, julio 22, 2005

The Search

As you all, my lovely and ever-faithful readers, know well, I am not at all comfortable with the US policy of invasion of privacy since 9/11. New York City subway and bus riders, in a questionable move by Mayor Bloomfuckinberg, are now subject to random searches of bags and packages and whatnot. Some people say that Bloomberg took this measure because he was embarrassed that the Transit Union announced that they were never trained in counter-terrorism measures. Others give Bloomie a break and say that he did it because of the London tube and bus bombings and a big city can never be too careful. I think it's a combination. Part of me thinks that Bloomberg would never have ordered the searches if it weren't for London, because he's a lazy, foolish ass-kisser who doesn't like to be called out on his shit. The other part of me thinks that it is about fucking time this kind of thing happened, because Lord knows NYC is still pretty vulnerable. In that regard, I will submit to these random searches, somewhat unhappily, but since I know there's a need for it, so be it. What I don't like is the stories already coming out about cops with God complexes taking a person's bag and throwing its contents out on the platform. The whiny people have already yelled racism, but it's too soon to tell about that (hold it together, folks). However, I will be the first to take notice if this random search thing goes awry, since NYC cops have the worst reputations EVER, right up there with the LAPD, and I don't really trust them with so-called good deeds.

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Amadeo dijo...

Glad I don't live in N.Y. I get pissed when cops look at me...when they say something I have to bite my tongue.

Matt dijo...

You SHOULD NOT submit to these searches. They will do nothing to prevent terrorist attacks and will only serve to stifle your Constitutional rights. Flex Your Rights Foundation has an excellent Citizen's Guide to Refusing New York Subway Searches detailing how to reject a potential search while entering the subway. Thought you might be interested.

Jess dijo...

Check this out:

It's the 4th ammendment messenger bag!