martes, julio 26, 2005

What happened to the Brits?

When I went to London in March, I was glad to be in a city that, even though it has fallen victim to bombings before (the IRA in the seventies, for example) and despite their involvement in the war, is relatively cool (not reactionary) about terrorism as they are with most everything, have not made any changes to daily life and have not been forced to give up rights to privacy. That was then. Why are they reacting the way they are? This be my thinking: Blair could react in a more positive way for his people by getting out of Iraq. If you will remember what happened in Spain last year, you may catch on to the fact that "Coalition" forces are being targeted. Blair, take a note from the Spanish government, listen when your people tell you they want out of Iraq, and make that happen for them. That could be a really good security measure. Try it and get back to me.

In light of this, I am shocked to hear that the UK is dumbing itself down to US/Bush levels by employing a "shoot-to-kill" policy. Apparently, the Brazilian who was shot dead in the Tube the other day was already held down on the floor when they shot him in the head. Whatever happened to debilitating the victim first with a non-fatal wound to the leg, if absolutely necessary? When did that cease to be a decent policy? These cops are supposed to be protecting the public. But when the cops start to kill the public and rationalizing it by saying it's a means to an (very unattainable) end, it's natural for the rest of us who don't carry guns to get a little anxious. I can't fathom why people haven't gotten it into their heads that when you give a person too much power over others, they get insatiable and crazy. Blair need only look at his Coalition buddy to know that.

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Amadeo dijo...

He won't take your suggestion...the stupidity of Bush is like a virus and it's spreading just look at the rest of the country.

Quintus dijo...

I would have expected the position the British prime minister took from Margaret Thatcher. But never from Tony Blair. I used to be his fan. Needless to say, I´m very dissapointed.