lunes, julio 28, 2008

It's been a long time, shouldn't have left you......

I'm gonna go ahead and dedicate this post to J. H., previously my kryptonite, but now one of my inspirations for picking up a pen. Or a keyboard. As the case may be. I have a lot to say but have had no desire to say it. I don't know why. But I realized that my previous excuse "I don't want to write because I already sit in front of a computer all day" is a bunch of bullshit. What do I do when I get home? Get on the internets with much less noble intentions. In any case, as M. H. said, "it's never too late". Yeah, I just need my ass kicked sometimes.

I talk a lot about the dumbing down of America. I usually blame Bush for it, but recently, I put a little more thought into things. There's no denying that he's helped legitimize the idiot's case in a major way. Just look at the 2004 election. But this has been a phenomenon I have observed for a long time now, beginning probably around 1997, when I was a junior in college, lamenting the younger classes with their rich parents (read: no tuition assistance needed) and their harder drugs. That was the end of SLC as an "Art School" and the beginning of it as a sort of "Confederacy of Dunces", if you will. When SLC was an art school, there were a bunch of different personalities, but all with one thing in common: We were the high school rejects. We were never popular because we weren't interested in the trivial shit ("When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." - Jonathan Swift. I really don't care how elitist that makes me look, by the way) or we were different in some sort of way, like how we dressed and what sex we got it on with. We were the writers, the artists, the actors. The loners, the weird drama kids. So we finally got our something at SLC. At least that's how I felt. But the "cool kids" always find a way to ruin it for the rest of us. In that sense, they aren't so stupid and clueless. At the end of my junior year, when it came out exactly how many overdoses/hospital visits had happened during the course of the year, the campus shut down and went into insular mode, meaning all social activity ceased. I visited SLC in September 1999 and was amazed to see that no one was hanging out on the lawn. Used to be that the lawn was the place to meet all the new kids, to dance around, to write, to hang out in the warm weather. Honestly, it looked sort of like a Dead concert without the acid. Coincidentally, I spent a good bit of time listening to "Uncle John's Band" and whatnot on the lawn, but anyway..... Things looked boring and a little scary/surreal to me. Cool kids win again. And SLC was all the dumber for it. So don't ask me why I never give them money. They lost themselves in the drive to stop giving out too much aid, to attract more male students, to make it a more homogenous experience. TO RUIN IT.

So, 2008 and the Internets. Last year, I signed up for a (fairly) new website in which people wrote reviews of restaurants, parks, monuments, etc., and there was this kick-ass community attached to it. I really enjoyed it. I wasted shitloads of time there. I met several excellent people. Also learned a lot of lessons, some about human nature, some about not expecting too much from people. But recently, it has been hijacked. Not really, but there's a new crowd. They don't talk about anything important. They seem to like to sound very intelligent when the mood strikes, but whenever they do, it reeks of an opportunity to blast someone else, not to actually put out some sort of actual thought. Nothing new. So a bunch of the original community live in exile, because they just don't enjoy these other people. So someone starts a thread about how some of this new shit/people just isn't/aren't funny. I agree, and I said so. Their reply? "There's no profit in trying to categorically decide what is and isn't funny." But it SURE IS "profitable" to spend all day not thinking and commenting about boners, isn't it? It was a self-preservation tactic on his part, so I'll let that slide, even though he's basically saying "We're idiots and shut up about it" in a very varity football kind of way. Whatever. I'll let them win again. Most of the OG's have lost interest, and funnily enough, that includes "the mayor". Just don't be surprised when it's all RUINED. And let me add here that there is something about kids born in the eighties, like after 81 or 82. Some are OK. Most of them are just weird.

So is this blog my new self-imposed exile? We'll see.

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