miércoles, julio 30, 2008


They say men and women can never be friends. Or at least, they never should be friends. I did not have this problem. One of my best friends is a guy. We're like Harry and Sally, minus the tension and the pity-fuck.

Recently, however, I developed that very problem. Or maybe it's more of a friend ditching me because an S. O. made an appearance in his/her life, which is not terribly unusual, but hurtful and disappointing nonetheless.

Recipe: Take a healthy amount of ditching, and add it to a pot already bubbling over with unusual amounts of time spent together, some weird sexual-like tension, semi-uncalled for comments, and a very generous amount of flirting. Add a pinch of kissing and cuddling to taste. When this mixture starts to make your other friends nervous, then you have the perfect base for the next layer: a fight, confusion, disappointment, confrontation, denial, and a lie or five. Add a sprig of secret relationship with other for flavor. With all these ingredients fighting and bubbling and mixing and simmering in a pot, is there room for the friendship that we started with? I don't think so, and it's awkward even thinking that me, friend AND S. O. hang in the same circle and will one day be forced to be in the same room. I am SO dreading that day. What's more, the "secret" of friend and S. O. was effectively kept from me by other friends, in particular, one I considered close and who was living in my house at the time, and another who now has aligned herself with friend, because they were afraid I would be hurt/flip out/hurt them/have to be committed to an insane asylum, or some such shit, which to me means that these people have no idea who I am. The secret is still being kept, and I know because I have only one honest advisor left. It goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway, that both friend and S. O. are keeping completely mum, preferring that I find out through the changing of the relationship status on Facebook.

I don't really care that friend is in a relationship after swearing up and down he didn't want one, read: didn't want one with me, which is totally fine, and we talked about that, so he knows this, or at least he should. Why in the hell would I want to push someone into loving me? I always felt the fundamental thing was that we enjpoyed each other's company above everything (and everyone) else. Which would mean we would still hang out. The problem I have is that EVERYONE is acting like fucking children. I don't like having friends that feel they need to treat me with kid gloves, like I am some kind of ogre or something. That shit makes me feel worse than anything. I'm a fucking adult, for shit's sake. I'm the oldest one in the crew! Besides, queens are supposed to have an army of advisors loyal to her in some way. At least be somewhat loyal because I met most of these people first and I was the one who brought friend into our circle in the first place. I feel like I have to get a whole new group of friends.

So my question is: am I allowed to not ever invite those two, or some of their accomplices, to any event/outing/social occasion that I plan? Do I get to do that now? Cause, well, I already am, but I wanted to know if it's OK. Yeah, I have a very fucked up and non-linear way of doing things, I know this.

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swandad dijo...

it's probably late into the game to do this, but how about getting party a AND b into a room and simply let them know what's up. You know the deal and want them to just own up to it and everyone move on? B/c at the end of the day, you're right- you're all adults and can handle stuff like this (at least on the surface anyways- no one has to see your pain, if any).

Glad to see you're writing again.