viernes, marzo 30, 2012

Diplomatic Immunity Is Over

I really don't know what to make of this, other than the obvious: NYPD does indeed use "Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect", as they advertise on the side of their squad cars, but they do not practice this with black people, or, as we saw with my previous article "Even Hipsters Get the Blues", anybody who looks "different".  With respect to the "looks" comment, just what city do the cops think they're living in?

A lot of people I know hate on diplomats, and that's usually sandwiched in between their contempt for the UN.  Whenever the subject of diplomatic immunity comes up, they again target their anger over it at the UN, as if the UN gave out those privileges.  They don't.  Diplomatic immunity exists within and without the UN and for all diplomats the world over.

The other day, an ambassador from a small, Caribbean country was accosted by a police officer as he returned to his office after lunch.  Read all about it by following the link below.  What do you think this is about?  Is it simply a case of the cop seeing something wrong and reacting to it, or is it something more?

Diplomatic Immunity Is Over

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