lunes, marzo 26, 2012

Joe Oliver, Family Friend, Defends Martin Shooter

Is George Zimmerman really remorseful about shooting Trayvon Martin?

Read my article below about a family friend who claims Zimmerman has been crying for days.  Uncontrollably.  This is supposed to mean he's sorry, right?

Ok, yeah, but:

1. He followed Trayvon even after 911 dispatch told him to stop.
2. According to Trayvon's girlfriend, who was on the phone with him when he was shot, Zimmerman asked him, "What are you doing around here?"
3. Zimmerman made no effort to help Trayvon, no CPR, nothing.
4.  He smugly told cops that it was "self-defense".  Only in Florida can you just say that and go free, AND keep your gun.  This kind of thing is the South's downfall.

So, does Zimmerman really seem that remorseful?

Joe Oliver, Family Friend, Defends Martin Shooter

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