martes, febrero 08, 2005

Ms. Shirley Chisholm

Last night I watched a documentary on Ms. Shirley Chisholm, the first woman to have run for the presidency of the USA. She was Caribbean-American. Her career, her courage, her defense of justice for all people was lovely, beautiful and amazing. She was someone to really believe in just when people needed her (she ran in 1972). Unfortunately, and even Gloria Stienem knew it, Ms. Chisholm could not possibly have won, and I think that her loss may shed some more light on why Kerry didn't win: once a country is dragged into war, they cannot elect progress, because it is argued that wartime demands an aggressive leader who is strong on troublemaking and quite weak in almost every other regard. This would be why Nixon was re-elected in '72, despite much protest, second only to that which plagues Bush the Minor. Maybe I live in my own little world, but I would like to think that if there were no Iraq, Bush would have lost. Come to think of it, if there were no midwest (Minnesota can stay - Hi Amy and Sivie!, and so can Illinois - Big up, Barak!), Bush would have lost, because there's not enough Republicans on the coasts to have won Bush the election, but I digress, again. Ms. Chisholm was a true role model, and if all women could get on that same boat of progress, dignity, power and justice, then we could truly make a change and all this struggle for equal rights would be over and done with. If you have power and justice within yourself, no one can question you. Shirley Chisholm, rest in peace.

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Jon dijo...

Do a search for "Victoria Woodhull", you might find her story interesting.