martes, febrero 08, 2005

Playa love/hate

So I'm sitting here touring blogs, and I keep coming to these stupid and disgustingly childish ones, some entitled "I am a Fairy Princess" or something equally moronic, especially when the author is above the age of 14. To make matters worse, these blogs say nothing constructive (like this particular entry) and are instead littered with Sanrio panda bears and Chococats and other cutesey crap, not that that stuff isn't at all acceptable, but like all candy fluff, consume in moderation and have mercy on my soul, please! On top of everything, there is no button to take you to the next blog and you are forced to linger as you figure out how in the hell to get away, until you find that the only way out is to go back to the previous one, press the "next blog" button and cross your fingers. You will usually know when these errant blogs are coming, because the screen will start to do that little morphing thing. Beware!

In the other corner, we have a blog entitled "urban socialite". Apparently, it is a precursor to a new web-site. Now this blog gets my vote for blog of the day. It talks all about fashion (this week is Fashion Week in NYC! Go to for more fashion info., that is if you like that sort of thing. I know New Yorkers like to be fashionable without necessarily talking about it lest they be jinxed into being a walking faux pas for life) and gives links and whatnot. Now that's something I can get behind. At least it is superficiality in the REAL world and not some Neverfuckinland that exists underneath supercute Taiwan or something. Another one of my faves is a blog entitled Nappy Diatribe (I might be wrong on that title) by a guy in Virginia Beach. God forbid he come here and find unwanted publicity, but I just have to give him props, because he had me laughing for hours. This is the same guy who wrote me a comment about my previous posting concerning Kobe Bryant and the s*&t who accused him of rape. OK, to that girl who whined "Well everyone handles everything in different ways," in defense of the accuser's fucking two or three guys before she went to the police, the same chick, by the way, who I was going on about in my posting "Pleasures of the blog..", this one has been a long time coming: "FUCK OFF," and I feel I can say that to her because she was probably thinking that about me and couldn't muster the guts to just say it to me so I could smack her and be justified in doing it. Even though I have met two other women who think that the best remedy for the awful pain of sexual abuse or assault is to fuck countless other men to get it out of their systems, I think that is bullshit. It just does not seem logical to me, and I don't think I am alone on that one. I would never use something so personal, nightmarish and horrible to justify slutdom. Come on, ladies. What the hell have we been fighting for all this time? Why are you playa hating?

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ShellyP dijo...

I know what you're talking about. I spent (read 'wasted') time clicking that Next button looking for something, anything, decent to read. I finally got fed up. The best bet to finding a half decent blog is to pick one you know you like and check out that owner's picks.

NappyDiatribe - very good, I agree
UntightenDemJaws is a good read too